I had a case this week of a woman who had to have her wisdom tooth out (at the age of 82!). As I’m sure you are aware this is a big operation. The woman reported that the dentist had trouble numbing the gums and had to give her a number of injections before he could safely take the offending tooth out. After the operation, not surprisingly, the woman was in a state of shock and in a lot of pain. I gave her Arnica 10M and repeated doses of Hecla Larva 30 (being the standard remedies for tooth extractions).

This seemed to ameliorate but the following day the patient says she is very tired, she feels like she’s been in a road accident; she feels vulnerable and anxious. This surprised me because one normally expects Arnica to do the job. But when I enquired more closely the patient said that whilst having the numbing injections her heart started racing, and that afterwards she had restless limbs. Now, those dental injections contain a form of adrenaline and I realised my patient had basically experienced an overdose and was suffering from the after effects. A dose of homeopathic Adrenaline 200 allowed my patient to relax, recover her energy and a positive outlook and the healing to continue. Definitely worth remembering as a major remedy after dental operations.



ONOSMODIUM is a plant in the Boraginaceae family that contains, of course, Borage and also Symphytum. Homeopathic Symphytum is a well known remedy for broken and bruised bones. But it’s worth remembering Onosmodium as a remedy where a patient with a sprain or broken bone (also Osteomyelitis, MS and other nerve diseases) is very hesitant about putting weight on the limb., fearing the limb will give way. There is uncertainty as a theme throughout the Boraginaceae but in Onosmodium it is most marked and often this physical hesitancy is reflected in their general life with hesitancy in expression and fear of failure (like Gelsemium and Arg Nit).


BAMBUSA ARUNDINACEA (BAMBOO) is a great and perhaps under used remedy and can look a bit like Silica, Pulsatilla and Sepia. Bamboo actually contains a lot of silica and its rigid tubular appearance gives a clue as to its use therapeutically. It is the first remedy to think of for women after labor who feel worn out and unsupported by the husband. They have a lot of worries about money which they find very upsetting. The unsupported aspect is often shown by a need to support the head with the hand. Bamboo has many back symptoms in its picture including particularly a painfully stiff neck. It’s a remedy to think of for anyone with back pain who feels unsupported in a relationship.


I found myself re-watching those fabulous ladies in the well known drama comedy series Sex and the City over the last couple of weeks. And of course, like any good homeopath I was playing spot the remedy. So, here are my thoughts (let me know if you agree or disagree!)

Samantha is either a Platina (haughty, sex obsessed) or Lac Felinum (she actually almost purrs when she meets a man she fancies and yet is terrified of the slightest commitment, a typical Lac Felinum quality !)

Miranda is a Nat Mur through and through (hates fuss, typically keeps her true feelings to herself, finds it difficult to let her love in, and her mother dies half way through which causes her a lot of grief and guilt)

Charlotte is an interesting one being both very romantic and straight laced; but the outstanding feature of Charlotte is her desperation to have a baby which she has great difficulty with due to some physiological insufficiency. She tries and tries and goes through periods of optimism and despair. And the remedy she needs is Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Salmon). Like the salmon that struggles against the currents to get back home, these people struggle to ‘spawn’ their child which they find incredibly upsetting. They try and try against the odds. Homeopathic salmonis one of the remedies that can actually help some women in this situation to become fertile.

And then we come to Carrie Bradshaw, the main hero character of the show. I think a few remedies may suit her: Ignatia (when Mr Big confounds her high expectations), Lamprohiza Splendidula (firefly) for taking the leap when her commitment issues come up, Cygnus Cygnus (Swan) for her longing to find her soul mate, and Phosphorus when she gets exhausted from all that partying.


Hope you enjoyed that. If you did, tell your friends to sign up for more homeopathic interest and inspiration.

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