Hello again, and already it’s summer and some while since I last posted a blog.

It’s always gratifying to be able to help friends with my homeopathic skills; as they say ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. So here are a few short cases that demonstrate the power of homeopathy in acute situations.

FRIEND 1: He’s a builder in Brighton. I’ve known him for many years and we’ve formed a close bond. I’ve been there for him and he for me. He came to do some decorating work for me recently and as he walked in I could see the pain on his face. He’d wrenched his  right shoulder several weeks previously and any work that involved lifting his arm was painful. However, he always worked through his pain, he couldn’t afford to stop work. The main homeopathic remedies for injured shoulders are Rhus Tox, Ferrum and Sanguinaria.

Ferrum metallicum (Iron) suits down to earth hard working people like my friend and so I gave him Ferrum 30c one daily for a week. I saw him the following week and the strained shoulder had completely resolved. He was, needless to say, very grateful.

FRIEND 2: I’ve known him as a close friend for several years and recently he lost his wife to cancer. Although he is normally a very positive guy (and has responded very well to homeopathy in the past for his hiatus hernia) he came round looking worn out. He had an ongoing painful cough and sore throat. He was getting on with things but he said he felt like he was in a waiting room waiting for something to happen. And he complained that his chest felt empty. This is a classic Stannum metallicum (Tin) case. There is a lot of grief and sadness in this remedy along with a physical empty feeling that reflects the emotional emptiness common after grief. He received Stannum 30c and he texted the following morning to say: ‘Goodness, I feel so much better today!’ He added that he’d felt cut off from his wife but after taking the remedy he felt re-connected.  Apart from feeling more energy his cough and sore throat resolved very quickly. It is wonderful when Homeopathy can cut short weeks and months of suffering as it did here!

And finally, my mum……my father died in January and although my mum is making good progress (with the help of homeopathy naturally!) she still gets bouts of agoraphobia where she has a dread of going out. She was due to visit me in Brighton and was travelling by train alone which was quite a big step. However, that morning she phoned and said ‘I really don’t feel I can do this, Jon. I feel a dread and I have aching legs.” This is Gelsemium territory. it’s a great stage fright remedy and sometimes gets confused with aconite or arsenicum. But Gelsemium has a kind of hysterical paralysis. Think soldier going into action and his knees go to jelly with anxiety.

I told her to take Gelsemium 200 and the next thing I receive a phone call from East Croydon station to say she’s catching the train.

I hope these short cases show how homeopathy can make such a huge difference in our day to day living.

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