This film was almost blocked from being shown by a couple of mischievous complaints received by the cinema (for those of you who don’t know, there is a vociferous ‘sceptics’ lobby which would dearly like homeopathy obliterated from the landscape). The cinema threatened to withdraw the film unless a classification certificate was obtained. The good news is a certificate was obtained and is now in place (PG) and the one-off film showing is going ahead.

The film itself explores the mystery, the controversy and the promise of homeopathy. This film has been painstakingly produced over a number of years with location shoots stretching from India to Australia to the US and UK. (I’ve had a sneak peek and it’s REALLY good!)

Here are the details:

Venue: Dukes at Komedia, Gardner Street, Brighton,BN1 1UN

Date: Monday 10th April 2017

Time: 9pm

The film lasts 65 minutes and afterwards you will be invited to stay for a Q&A with the film maker, Laurel Chiten.

Just One Drop takes a no-holds-barred look at the most controversial form of medicine ever invented. Homeopathy treats the entire person, not just the disease. It’s a specific form of medicine that uses minute doses of a highly diluted substance that stimulates the body to cure itself. It is these tiny doses that causes the most controversy. Researchers believe there is a release of energy in water that becomes mysteriously dynamic. Others think it’s purely psychological or worse, a form of deception or quackery. Yet millions claim homeopathy cures even though there is not yet a satisfying scientific explanation. It remains a mystery.

To book tickets follow this link (hurry! tickets are going fast):

Watch the trailer here:

See you there!

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