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I’m Jonathan Stallick: a professional registered homeopath with over 25 years experience successfully treating clients with all kinds of health issues.

My aim is to bring you a cure in terms of your energy, physical symptoms, mental and emotional outlook., so you feel yourself again!

This journey starts with an in-depth consultation, that may take 1-2 hours initially, and will reveal and bring into focus not just your current condition but the underlying causes and dynamics. Your story, past and present, will no doubt be complex and as a homeopath my job is to make the connections that will lead to an individualised prescription and a deep solution, not just a quick fix.

I particularly enjoy helping those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, work and relationship stress, allowing you to take the next positive step in your life.

Don’t live a life half lived. With your willingness and my experience there is hope and a solution to the problems you and your family face.


PS… homeopathy is suitable for all ages. It’s a great way to set your children up for a healthy life ahead.

  • 30 years of continuous practice as a Homeopath in London and Brighton
  • Working with all age groups
  • Registered with the Society of Homeopaths
  • Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority


After twenty years of joint pain, followed by two winters of seriously impaired mobility, I consulted Jonathan, following recommendation. He managed to obliterate the pain within a few months and I no longer required painkillers to get by. Jonathan has also worked with my other ailments to provide a rebalancing of my general health. I now feel better than I have for well over two decades.



Homeopathy can help

depression • anxiety • panic attacks • stress • high blood pressure • chronic fatigue • M.E. • period problems • hot flushes • asthma • thyroid disorders • eating disorders • hay fever • autism • ADHD • IBS • ulcerative colitis • arthritis • eczema • dermatitis • allergies • injuries • ear, nose and throat issues • colds • flu • migraines • urinary infections • sciatica • insomnia • pregnancy problems • infertility • prostate problems • chemotherapy/radiotherapy side effects • HIV-related symptoms… and more

Did You Know…?

• Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years
• Homeopathic medicine is used by 450 million people globally
• 6 million people in the UK see homeopaths for treatment
• Homeopathy is the leading ‘alternative’ medicine used by medical doctors in Europe
• Homeopathy is the main system of medicine in India
• The British Royal Family are great advocates of homeopathy

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I have been in treatment by Jonathan since my daughter was born 6 months ago and we have both improved beyond my expectations.

I have always chosen homeopathy over conventional medicine but Jonathan is an outstanding practitioner, as I have never experienced one before. Having observed not only my baby improve where conventional medicine offers very little but also myself, I trust Jonathan implicitly and would rate him as one of the best practitioners in this country. He clearly keeps up to date with latest developments and is extremely thorough in his approach. I would recommend anyone with emotional or physical issues to get treated.



Over the years Jonathan has been there with life-changing remedies. When at time I was not able to see the wood from the trees Jonathan would come up often with what seemed such random remedies, but was always spot on.

Homeopathy for everyone should be the first resort in considerations, when any emotional or physical arises and Jonathan will spend the time to listen and look for the most appropriate remedy. He has vast knowledge of new and old methods and before considering any other form of support for an issue- you should give Jonathan a call.



Homeopathy Can Help

Clients have consulted with me for all kinds of health issues.  From anxiety, to hot flushes to allergies and prostate problems.


Some had a physical problem that they simply wanted ‘fixed’. Others have a chronic problem which has not responded to conventional medicine and homeopathy is a last resort.

Yet others want to use homeopathy as a tool for growth: to deal with mental or emotional blocks preventing them from reaching their potential. The beauty about homeopathy is it can work on all these levels and more.

Homeopathy is safe (and very effective) for babies, children and pregnant women. For babies and children, in particular, homeopathy can help establish the foundations of a strong immune system.

Homeopathy can work alongside your conventional medication and may enable you to reduce or withdraw from this medication with the agreement and support of your doctor.

It is powerful and effective whether your disease is serious or merely an inconvenience and patients regularly report that it positively transforms their lives.

“There have been two great revelations in my life. The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy.”

Dizzy Gillespie

“I use nothing but homeopathic remedies, for my girls as well.”

Mariel Hemingway

Passed Down Through Time

It occurred to me recently how often patients come with a problem that is either inherited or left over from an event that happened years ago. Sometimes it can be fairly obvious such as  presenting with recurring bronchial complaints when the parent had TB at some stage of their life. But in other cases it can be quite complex and hidden. I remember a lady some years ago who was presenting with asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. I gave the more obvious remedies but there was no change in her condition. After a few sessions where we weren’t getting very far I asked her if she had ever had a back injury. You see, the nerves from the spine serve every part of the body and if compromised can cause problems not directly associated with the back. Well, the lady in question suddenly recalled falling into a hole in the ground some years earlier and damaging her back. She didn’t have any treatment for it and the back pain resolved on its own. However after that the asthma and bowel problems started.  I gave the lady Hypericum (one of the symptoms of Hypericum is breathing aggravated by foggy weather which is what this lady experienced) and all the symptoms resolved. In other cases old vaccinations can be the cause or a stressful event. Sometimes this stressful event can be in the lives of our ancestors. One well known homeopath is having success treating the horrific wartime experiences in parents that are somehow still causing problems in their children. Too many antibiotics given for infections or inflammations is another common aetiology...

AIDS: The Homeopathic Challenge. Memories from the 90’s.

This is a short excerpt from a ‘Homeopathic Companion’ I am currently writing. At the London Lighthouse there was a residential unit where those needing respite could stay for a week or so and receive intensive care by a team of dedicated nurses. I was one of a number of complementary therapists who might be called upon to treat the residents and I remember the nurses were often amazed at the effects of homeopathy and would send me their difficult patients. One such case that sticks in my mind was an African man who was descended from one of the great African leaders. He presented, however, a most pitiful picture. His nurses told me that he was very frightened so much so that he wouldn’t talk to anyone. He had a history of TB, syphilis and many other diseases that I cannot remember now. He looked defeated and his story was remarkable. This man had been captured and sent to a concentration camp where he suffered the most brutal tortures and humiliations (he recounted how women pissed on his legs as part of this process). He was terrified and would have frightening flashbacks. Strangely I remember feeling joyful as he recounted his story because I knew homeopathy could make big difference for this man and I was glad he had come for treatment. I gave him Aconite, Stramonium and Opium in alternation knowing I would only have one chance to treat this patient as he would be gone from the unit after a week. A different man returned a week later: confident, chatty and laughing. The nurses were amazed...

Standing Up for Homeopathy!

The other evening I was at a pub in Brighton and chatting to a guy I know (who happens to work for the NHS as a researcher). He told me about all his health problems and I, slightly tongue in cheek, asked whether he had considered homeopathy as an alternative. I wasn’t prepared for the response of his friend who launched into a tirade against homeopathy. ‘Oh homeopathy, that’s all a load of rubbish, it doesn’t work, there’s no scientific evidence’. Now, I was out for drink and a nice time and wasn’t really prepared for an intense conversation about homeopathy. However, I confess I felt personally affronted by this man. We have to face the fact that homeopathy is an easy target. Sometimes when we talk about it homeopathy can sound borderline magical. However, that is before you take into account the facts that homeopathy has an abundance of scientific evidence in its favour, is used by around 400 million people around the world, is considered mainstream in India, is used by farmers (who let’s face it are not normally ‘new agers’) for their livestock, is used by thousands of doctors around the world. But a small number of ‘flat earth’ activists (some with the support of big Pharma) are committed to spreading disinformation about homeopathy. Their first line is ‘there is no scientific evidence that homeopathy works’. That, unfortunately for them, is simply not true and they think that if it is said enough times it will somehow become true. Thankfully, these activists are a small, if vocal, minority. So, back to my nice evening out and I decided to...
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