I wanted to share with you a remedy that was brought to my attention many years ago by a great Australian homeopath, Alan Jones. More recently Lou Klein has filled out the picture.

It’s a really ‘delicious’ remedy because it fits a very definite and difficut type of patient. Often this patient will present with a bad cold, sinus problems with yellow/green viscous discharge, allergies of various kinds (seasonal or < smoke, animal hair), post nasal drip with constant clearing of the throat, maybe asthma, sleep problems, irregular menses with hot flushes. There can be arthritis, stiff neck with pains extending to the arms, recurring otits media and sciatica. Symptoms can be < drinking wine.
You may have already given Pulsatilla, hydrastis, kali bich, arsenicum or even ignatia.

The remedy is FLAVUS BACILLUS. This nosode is in the same group as Medorrhinum and Meningococcus and I am sure many of you will recognise patients when I describe their dispositional themes.

The main aspect is that the patient exaggerates their symptoms and difficulties. There is a pronounced anxiety about health. Every small symptom throws them off balance. There can be a picture of grief with a sensation of a lump in the throat. Everything has to look perfect including the family. On first meeting these patients can seem sweet and even timid.
They can feel ignored (they may not say this but you can surmise) with loquacity, envy and a need to constantly ‘get things off their chest’ (Graphites can do this too). There may be an unexpressed need to be the centre of attention (this is similar to Sycotic-co).

Alan Jones used to use it routinely for bad ripe colds (the kind you would normally use Pulsatilla) and I used it recently in a case which also had the mental indications with brilliant results. (by the way, other remedies that exaggerate their symptoms include Valeriana, zincum valerianicum and Ammonium Valerianicum).

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