This week my homeopathic research has taken me far and wide and here are some juicy new homeopathic therapeutics for you.



All the noble gases, of which Xenon is one, have detachment, spaceyness, weariness and an out-of-the-body quality in their dispositional state. Xenon is the first remedy to think of for weakness/spaceyness/tiredness/anxiety after general anaesthetic (also for anxiety before operation). Jan Scholten uses this in preference to Opium. He found it works quicker and more effectively.



Found in genital flora, this bacterium has no cell wall, which is reflected in its remedy themes. Hyper sensitive people to noise, smells, sounds, foods etc. Severe sleeplessness esp. since childhood. Needs the perfect environment to sleep (“Princess and the Pea” syndrome). Subtly demanding and manipulative people.



Can look like Tarentula, Veratrum and other hyperactive remedies. For wired children who talk a lot, fast and furious, may have facial tics. Obstinate, very oppositional. Distracted, many ideas and thoughts crowding the brain. Minimal emotions with too many thoughts.



Can look a little like Phosphorus but has a dark side. Panic at thought of commitment (relationship, job etc), Peter Pan personality. Think metamorphosis. (Anyone who watched Sex and The City on TV may remember Carrie’s panic when pushed to commit to boyfriend Aidan Shaw; she even came out in a rash after he asked her to marry him! That was a classic Firefly situation, especially given the character’s restless girlish personality!)



For demanding children who are very oppositional and need to do everything their way. It’s their way or no way! For children who were born where the parents thought about abortion but didn’t go through with it. It’s like the child knows this on a subtle level and is making quite sure everyone knows they are HERE!



This remedy is a major remedy for torticollis especially of the left side. If you’ve ever seen the BBC nature programme with the ants invaded by this rather horrible fungus you will remember the ants get contorted into horrible shapes, so that helps us remember the distortion of torticollis. This is also a major remedy for OCD where the patient feels as if their brain has been taken over.


And in other news…


Allergy sufferers who react to chocolate might be shocked to learn their allergy could be linked to something other than the cocoa bean: an allergy to cockroaches.

An average of 8 insect parts are found in a chocolate bar and deemed safe, according to the FDA’s guidelines.

So maybe homeopathic cockroach (Blatta orientalis) should be considered for those patients allergic to chocolate.

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