Vaccination is such a hot debate that I’m slightly reluctant to even go there. It creates a lot of passion, even anger, from those on both sides of the debate. But it is such an important topic that the lives of millions of children, both now and in the future, depend on the decisions we make right now.

Last week I watched the documentary produced and directed by Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree. You will probably remember Andrew Wakefield as the doctor who was witch hunted and struck off the GMC register for alleged fraud in MMR vs autism research. Anyone who watches this film will realise that this decision by the GMC was misguided to say the least. The film is not anti-vaccine, and Andrew Wakefield is indeed a firm advocate of the single vaccines, but what it shows is corruption at the highest levels of government health organisations. A top scientist in the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention broke ranks and provided clear evidence showing how the CDC fraudulently changed the data in MMR testing in order to push their vaccination agenda.

This is bad enough. But I want to go a bit further and question the effect of measles vaccinations on the rate of infant mortality. Of course this is always what the pro-vaccine lobby and sponsoring governments want us to know. And one assumes that vaccination has had a major positive effect on this very important indicator.

However, have a look at the graph below*. As you can see the infant mortality rate from measles had been coming down rapidly long before the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, and the positive effect of that vaccine was minimal. Interestingly  the same trend can be seen in other childhood vaccinations (see the second graph below).

I don’t want to suggest that vaccination has a bad effect in all cases. I believe in fact that the increase in autism is not down to one factor necessarily but due to a combination of drugs and vaccinations (and perhaps other environmental toxins) given in pregnancy and in the vulnerable first year of a child’s life. Other cases on the autism spectrum may be due to heredity and/or stress events.

Homeopathy has a proven record in dealing with vaccination after effects, including anything from mild flu-like symptoms to seizures and autism.

So please do try and see the Vaxxed film; it’s available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video for download (only 99p on Amazon!). I think you’ll find it very interesting, if not shocking!

*taken from the book Dissolving Illusions by Suzann Humphreys, MD and Roman Bystrianyk. 

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