I wanted you to know that I’m now offering in-depth Astrology birth chart readings in addition to homeopathy consultations.

Astrology has been close to my heart since I studied homeopathy in the 1980’s. It is a natural companion to homeopathy and with it I find I can help my patients/clients navigate through life’s tricky times and transformations. And I use it myself when I’m going through stressful times and find it provides a helpful context.

A good Astrology reading can help with relationships, family, work and study. It can identify your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to creatively identify new and fulfilling paths. Sometimes strikingly so! Here’s a little story that I still remember. Some 20 years ago I did a reading for  a friend (let’s call him Gary). Gary was a professional photographer and in the course of the reading I told him that he wouldn’t be satisfied just doing photography and that he would want to do something like… open his own newspaper (astrology often provides me with creative insights- it allows me to tune in). He looked at me blankly as this meant nothing to him. I then lost touch with Gary until 2 years later when I bumped into him. ‘You’ll never guess what,’ he started enthusiastically, ‘you remember that astrology reading you did for me and you said that I’d want to open up my own newspaper… well I did. It came out of the blue and was completely unexpected’

There have been other examples where a client has told me how thankful they were as the reading opened new vistas and allowed them a new insight into life.

Astrology Birth Chart Reading – £90 (£75 – if you already see me as a homeopathy client)

  • Lasts one hour (sometimes a bit longer)
  • As well as your birth chart it includes reading of current situation and a full colour birth chart either printed or emailed (as desired). 
  • Ideally this is the data you will need: Birth date, Birth time (within half an hour), Birth Place. If you don’t have your accurate birth time we can create a sunrise chart which is slightly less accurate but still insightful.
  • Can either be in person at my home in Brighton or by Skype
  • Makes a nice birthday present! Parents, find out what’s in store for your children!

BOOK NOW: https://jonathanstallick.com/online-booking/

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