In a blog which whose focus is partly on homeopathic bird remedies it’s appropriate that I might ruffle a few feathers! This one is more for the homeopaths and students but hopefully will be of interest to others too.


Man has always had a tendency to stick to the tried and trusted and homeopaths are no different. The homeopathic polychrests (for non-homeopaths polychrests are like the broad spectrum antibiotics of homeopathy; they cover more of the people more of the time) have become like these great monoliths, and because they have been used and explored more they stand out like beacons, seemingly curing all of mankind’s ills.


But in my experience solely using the well known polychrests results in a one dimensional practice that can help but often not cure (which is not to dismiss the help that they can give). Patients are squeezed into these great archetypes whether they truly fit or not. And all non-polychrests are demoted to the category of ‘small remedies,’ used as standbys on the basis of one or two red line symptoms.


But surely ‘small remedies’ are only small because they are not as well known as the polychrests. They just haven’t been explored to the same degree. With the polychrests we have strong mental themes and this is usually missing from the ‘small remedies. One of my joys has been to witness the unfolding of many of these ‘small remedies’ over the last 20 years.


It’s like meeting new friends, being given subtle new colours and hues to our homeopathic pallet that allows us to match our patients more closely, find the true simillimums and add depth to our practice. To continue the bird metaphor, development of our materia medica allows us to spread our wings and really fly!


Bird Remedies

Jonathan Shore is the great pioneer who opened up the idea of using homeopathic remedies made from birds. I’ve found them very useful in my practice. They can be useful for patients who:

  • need freedom in their lives;
  • cosmopolitan/gossiping/vivacious
  • have a bird like quality (small boned, chattering, flitting, colourful etc),
  • easily suppressed/tethered;
  • Aim high but ‘crash’ (e.g. business)
  • Artistic but impractical
  • have abuse/guilt issues;
  • high metabolism
  • have a strong tubercular taint
  • stiff neck and shoulders
  • migraine


I have used Haeliatus Leucocephalus (Bald Eagle) which is a wonderful remedy for ‘Eagle-eyed’ business people who have big ambitions but fail; it is also a remedy to think of In parents who have lost a child (DD: Adamas, Umbilicus Repestris).

Corvus Corvus Corax (Raven) is a great remedy for people who feel abused and need to speak their truth but are quite dramatic about this, making a big ‘song and dance’. They often feel abused/trapped in various partner and family situations (they are sometimes involved in looking after ageing family members or they can be care home workers).

Other nice keynotes (use these as a leaping off point to study the remedies) are:

Apus Apus (Swallow) for sleeplessness and worry about ageing family members; how they will look after them; will they need to be put in a care home, for example.

Pavo Cristatus (Peacock) is a remedy to think of for rather arrogant people who need to say their truth regardless of who they hurt in the process.

Cygnus Cygnus (Swan) is worth thinking of for someone who is obsessed with having a romantic relationship (DD: Rose Quartz; Tilia Europea); or misses a loved one terribly.

Columba Palmbus (Wood pigeon/dove) can look like Staphysagria for people who keep the peace in a family situation. They are often to be found looking after sick loved ones and yearn for more freedom.

PS… A Remedy I’ve just started using 

Check out Ginseng as a homeopathic remedy. It was first proved by Nancy Herrick and has very interesting and usable themes. Ginseng is an adaptogen which means it adapts to whatever problems you have. These people who need homeopathic Ginseng are really adaptable too, quite skilled in a number of areas and have a POSITIVE attitude. They are optimistic, courageous and always look on the bright side. Nothing seems to phase them and they have always got time for friends and loved ones. They are the kind of person that regardless of what is going on in their lives maintains a professional, positive attitude at work, always giving their best (even if they collapse at the end of the day). They love good food and wine, like a luxurious lifestyle. They are very busy doing so many different things (think tubercular miasm.). They often have a spiritual outlook on life, in tune with the energies.

It reminds me of the Berocca vitamins advert… ‘You. But on a Good Day’. They love to be in nature, hiking in the great wild outdoors. They often live clean, eating only organic foods and exercising regularly. Of course, inside they may be anything but calm and energetic. It can feel just a  tad forced. Naturally, we would encourage everybody to be positive, but not at the expense of your inner emotional life and core energy. This remedy has a lot of muscular-skeletal symptoms like lumbago, sciatica and stiffness.

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