I recently gave a butterfly remedy called Silver Spotted Skipper (Epargyreus clarus) to a young lady who was artistic but had difficulty manifesting her artistic talents. Her childhood was characterized by a lack of guidance by her parents and she got in with the “wrong crowd”. She then “flitted” around from place to place, unable to settle and felt frustrated in life. Physically she had constant vertigo. Following the prescription (which really helped her) she remembered a few years previously having recurring dreams and visions of moths everywhere in her life.

The Butterfly and Moth remedies fulfill a very important role in our material medica. Patricia le Roux was the homeopath (now sadly passed) who did more for our understanding of these beautiful creatures. Nancy Herrick also did a wonderful proving of the Limenitis butterfly which contained many of the general butterfly themes. I believe these beautiful yet ephemeral insects could be used a lot more in our practices.

So I thought in this blog I would explore the themes of a few of these butterfly and moth remedies*.

*With thanks to Patricia le Roux, Lou Klein, Pat Maher, Enna Stellinga



  • Neglected or unsupervised children or children in danger
  • Lack of guidance as a child
  • Innocent, immature, incomplete transitions, delayed development
  • Gender/sexuality confusion; cross dressing, transexuality
  • Loves clothing, beauty, silk
  • Fine slender build
  • Peter Pan/ nymph-like
  • Sexual boundary issues esp. between children and adults
  • Desire to protect children; working with children (e.g. teachers)
  • Own world, dreamy, in a cocoon, play, amusement, fun
  • Grief over loss of child; sudden loss of children/parents
  • Dreams of death
  • Attention issues: ADHD; socially awkward or autistic
  • Concentration problems. Inability to think
  • Likes dancing
  • Strong desire for sweets/ hypoglycaemia
  • Allergies, bruises.

Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)

Home- need to get home, not knowing where the home is.

Mother, protection, nurturing, enveloping

Easy giving; serving


Cosy, comfy- desire to curl up and sleep

Refugee, immigrant

Belonging/not belonging

Run away from home- home is dangerous


Death’s Head Moth (Acherontia Atropos)

Was used in the movie, Silence of the Lambs

They raid beehives, so linked with honey and bees

Also linked with pirates (children interested in pirates?)

Parents mourning death of their children esp. sudden

Teachers or child counselors who worry about their well being

Restless children

Murder, horror

Caterpillars feed on Solanaceae

Oedema, frequent colds and flu, childhood viruses, migraines


Liliac Beauty Moth (Apeira Syngaria )

Wants to help but powerless (dreams: unable to take action in dangerous situations)

Feeling responsible as guide to her parents

Sensuality, beauty, aesthetics

Concerned about appearance. Love or aversion to jewellery

Loves pink/purple

Serious genetic disease

Beautiful women


Strong desire for sweets

Aversion to lumps in food


California Sister Butterfly (LImenitis Bredowii)

Adults concerned about children not being treated well

Remorse for neglecting or badly treating a child

Overwhelmed by responsibility of children/ Wants to give up responsibility

Neglects business


Sadness after death of mother or friends


Cabbage White Butterfly (Pieris Brassica)

Feels abandoned

Great attachment to family

Overprotected yet misunderstood

ADHD, difficult concentration, rush of thoughts

Boredom/ desire to play

Talkative, needs to talk to someone


Eczema, urticarial


Inachis Io Butterfly


Playing with camouflage/masks

Confusion of Sexual Identity

Feels abandoned

Busy mind; difficulty concentrating

Confusion about location; gets lost

Loss of life direction

Loves symmetry, harmony, beautiful things

Headache from neck

Strong difference between left and right


Nymphalis Urticae Butterfly


Flitting thoughts/ ADHD

Sexual confusion


Red Admiral (Vanessa Atalanta)

Father going off to war

Child’s grief at father’s death

Sentimentality about the father/ Identification with father’s suffering

Sexual confusion re father. “Daddy’s little girl”

Child boundary issues re father. Girls and their daddies. Falling in love with their dad.

Nostalgia esp. about wars and fathers serving in wars

Clothes from a previous era

Confusion about direction in life


Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho peleides)

Children with severe physical damage that cannot heal

Brain damage after birth trauma

Brain damage after vaccination

Genetic disorders

Helping patient accept and align with limitation

Flashy and/or dull maybe in alternation




Bombyx Processionaria Caterpillar


Torsion of testicles

Abandonment by father


Intense itching/burning

Dream / sensation arm muscles cauterized or pierced by arrows

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