Any remedy that declares itself a panacea for old age problems is going to receive a fair amount of scepticism (at least from me!). Which is why I decided to buy the rather beautifully produced book by Heidi Brand and Norbert Cooper called simply: Chara Intermedia, The Cleansing Power of an Ancient Alga. There was also the issue of my 91 year old father who had been seriously ill with pneumonia and who looked like he was declining which brought the knowledge of this remedy a bit closer to home.

Chara Intermedia is a green alga that is present throughout Northern and central Europe. It grows completely submerged in water. Unlike other types of algae it retains its form when removed from water and it has a remarkable property of cleansing any body of water it grows in. Structurally it is anything but soft and is sheathed in a calcium casing giving it rigidity (a signature of the remedy as we shall see).

The authors of this book present cases which are compelling to say the least: a 76 year old man with dementia following stomach surgery, bent double with stiff body posture and shuffling gait is able to go out on his own and buy a newspaper within 4 weeks. Within 12 months the man is fit with no complaints. A 58 year old woman with MS who had not responded significantly to years of homeopathic treatment regains movement and mental calmness after Chara Intermedia 30c. There are many more dramatic cases (not all in old age, Chara has proved itself useful in cases of ADD in adolescence for example).

So what are the indications of this remarkable remedy?

Here are some of the top line themes:


  • Confusion and Fog-patient is disordered, lacking concentration.
  • The Past – old childhood and past memories surface, resentment, unresolved emotions
  • Sadness and Depression – gloomy, longing for death, deep grief
  • Lack of Energy – ‘rotting’ on the sofa, inactive, tired
  • Obligation and Seriousness – meticulous, precise, dogmatic
  • Confrontation with unresolved topics – Inner anger experienced, wants to scream aloud
  • Perception and Processing – Clarification of inner mental states and old behaviour patterns
  • Birth and Ageing Transitions – feeling of having aged
  • Isolation – Distanced, separated from outer world and loneliness
  • Cleaning and Clearing – clearing clutter, throwing off ballast, detoxing.
  • Rigidity – Walks bent double, shuffling gait


So back to my father who had done well on Opium, Carbo Veg and Alfalfa but was still intermittently confused, house bound, only able to move with a frame and support from carers. I gave him Chara Intermedia 200 10 days ago. Since then although there have been no miraculous transformations, there have been noticeable changes. He has been moving around the flat more freely. He picked up a heavy chair and moved it across the room by himself. He has become more stubborn and argumentative (a good sign of increasing independence despite my mother’s protestations!). And yesterday he was able to walk up 8 steps alone and unaided apart from the stair rail (and would have walked up more!) This would have been impossible 2 weeks ago. He still gets confused in the evenings and at night (but is lucid for most of the day), sometimes he has difficulty reaching the toilet in time to urinate. But I would say there are encouraging signs and it is early days.

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