Join this CPD webinar by Jonathan Stallick RSHom

and get essential clinical information about

Camphor and the Laurel Family, Heroinum and Conchiolinum.

                                                        Sunday May 24th 7-8.30pm (UK time)
                                                                               Fee: £10                                                              

For Professional Homeopaths and Student Homeopaths Only.

These really are fascinating cases and some had been quite difficult before I came across the simillimum. Camphor is a remedy mostly used in acute cases but it has a very interesting chronic picture. I was lucky to come across two other cases where I used Mountain Laurel and Laurus Nobilis in quick succession. I will present the use of Heroinum in a complex Fibromyalgia case. Conchiolinum is a very interesting remedy and I have two cases to illustrate its use.

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