ARISTOLOCHIA CLEMATIS is a remedy I had the pleasure of using recently. It’s not a remedy I have used much in the past but I believe it is a very important remedy, perhaps underused, when it comes to problems with the female hormonal system.

It has issues around abortion, deaths of children, or infertility; feeling dirty (it’s a plant that actively attracts flies!) and a feeling of being outside the social group. I have used it in a case of herpes, endometriosis and migraines.

This webinar, targeted at students or graduates of homeopathy will delve into the materia medica of this plant using cases to tease out the essential themes of the remedy.

PLUS we will also look at the Materia Medica of the drug HEROIN and the imponderable, LIGHT of VENUS.

Join me on MONDAY 23RD NOVEMBER 6PM (UK time) for a fascinating look at some clinically important remedies.


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