With everyone’s eyes on COVID-19 it’s perhaps time to show how homeopathy can address the fear and anxiety that seems to be sweeping the UK.

Homeopathy has long been known to support an individual’s health and homeopaths have shared insight, knowledge and wisdom and time honoured evidence and experience to confirm that homeopathy is an effective system of medicine that works with and corresponds to all the laws in nature.

Homeopaths understand how to support the immune system during the effects of any virus or bacteria. And throughout history homeopathy has proved efficacious in many of the epidemics that have befallen humanity, not least in the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.

To celebrate HOMEOPATHY AWARENESS WEEK I am offering a homeopathy session to anyone with flu or post flu symptoms for just £40 per session.* This is less than 50% of my normal follow up session rate. Sessions will be conducted by video (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc).
Go to https://jonathanstallick.com/online-booking/ to book your session.

* Maximum 3 sessions. Offer valid until 17.4.2020. Remedies will be sent from a homeopathic pharmacy and will be chargeable. For non-flu related cases, normal rates will apply.

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