The last few weeks have been quite challenging for me as my 91 year old father has been seriously ill in hospital, first from a fall and then a bout of pneumonia.


In truth he has been ill most of his adult life. Starting off with hyperthyroidism this turned to hypothyroidism after radioactive iodine treatment. He smoked 50 cigarettes a day for many years leading to a heart attack followed by triple bypass operation. He then had strokes and then CLL leukemia (the slow progressive kind). More recently he has become confused due to 3 strokes.


Through the years although I only ever treated him ad hoc I’ve been able to help him with homeopathy prescribed on a first aid basis and I can truthfully say that this has extended his life span. I’ll come to what I gave him for the recent dip but before that how did I help him for the CLL Leukemia?


I had a strong suspicion that the radioactive iodine he was given all those years ago had had a much deeper effect on his constitution than the doctors would admit to (the radioactive exposure can lie dormant in the body for many years). The temptation is to use Radium Bromide which is the standard post-radiation remedy, but this had already been given with no effect. Radium Iodatum immediately helped him, stabilising his blood leucocyte count over many years (to the amazement of the doctors at the Royal Marsden hospital who, to their credit, supported his use of homeopathy).

His recent malaise started following a fall (actually in hospital on a routine check up). He was badly shaken up and was admitted into the same hospital where he languished until given Opium (Arnica and Aconite had done nothing). His stay in hospital alerted me to the dispiriting effect such an environment can have on an elderly person and he ended up very confused and depressed until he was allowed back home. The Opium certainly had a positive effect and for some time he was a lot less confused.

Back home the following night he suffered from a bout of pneumonia and was rushed back into hospital. When he finally came out he was very low in energy, slept constantly and had lost a lot of weight due to low appetite. The remedies that did wonders in this situation were Carbo Veg (he immediately got out of bed and showed interest in his music CD’s.) His energy has been a lot better since the Carbo Veg but his appetite was very poor. He was eating a bare minimum. However, I am glad to say that Alfalfa mother tincture given 10 drops in a little water 3 times a day proved miraculous in its effect (his appetite improved markedly within 20 minutes of taking the first dose) and he is now eating enthusiastically and putting on weight. Once again homeopathy confounds all expectations!


A new remedy that has been receiving much acclaim for all kinds of old age issues such as dementia, alzheimers, stiffness of joints, immobility, bent back, unresolved old emotional issues is Chara Intermedia. This is an algae found in certain lakes and has a cleansing effect on dirty water. The alga has a lime sheath and this rigidity plus need for detoxing and elimination is seen in the remedy picture. It is also a useful remedy for side effects from drugs and chemotherapy. Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger’s book Chara Intermedia: The Cleansing Power of an Ancient Alga (available from Narayanais an in depth exploration of this important new remedy. Clearly no remedy can be a specific for old age but I am going to give this remedy to my father and I will let you know how we get on!


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