Some interesting remedies prescribed in the last few weeks:



For a chap with a hacking cough that he’s had for months and sometimes comes in spasms. I’ve known him for a long time and have often felt his remedy must lie in the IRON SERIES. He’s a no nonsense very hard working builder and quite irritable. But which iron series remedy? When I repertorised I noticed Corallium Rubrum coming up high and Red Coral contains a lot of iron (giving it the red colour) and has a lot of irritability and holding a grudge (like many sea remedies). This remedy given daily and followed with PERTUSSIN has cured this very troublesome cough.


The essence of this remedy is  feeling embarrassed about making a mistake or saying the wrong thing. These patients get very embarrassed and there may be developmental issues in early life.

STINGRAY (Urolophus halleri)

 Very interesting remedy. For someone who feels betrayed (‘stung’). The patient may say they ‘flip’ from one state to another. Think of the flat stingray that is either shows only one side or another). They may have dreams of old flames/friends who they fancy sexually coming back into their life.


 Much underused remedy. I used it recently in a case of arthritis where the patient is overweight but craves fats, with good results.

 SALMON (Oncorhynchus tschawytscha)

 I had a lovely case of a child of 8 who had recently moved to the UK from France. She suffers from Asthma which the mother thinks is related to house dust mite. But she also has difficult breathing after running at school. I thought it was a clear TUBERCULINUM case but that did nothing. Then House Dust Mite in potency helped. But it was only when I went a bit deeper and discovered the extent of home sickness (plus a strong aversion to salmon) that the correct remedy came to me.


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