For many years I suffered with migraine headaches and was taking medication every other day for them they have now completely gone thanks to homeopathy.

I also suffer with anxiety attacks, which are getting a lot better.



As a seasoned professional working in mental health services for many years I was a little skeptical about the benefits of homeopathy.

However after being treated for minor depression and sleep apnoea (breathing difficulties at night) I am convinced of the valuable contribution homeopathy has made to my recovery and well-being. I am no longer depressed and sleep more soundly than ever before.



I had little belief in homeopathy until I met Jonathan. Jonathan treated my son for social anxiety and depression which had been an ongoing condition lasting over five years; the change in him was amazing and I firmly believe Jonathan’s remedies to be the start of his recovery.

Jonathan has also treated me for work related stress as well as the impact this has had on my body, such as back and stomach problems. Although my job is as stressful as ever, since treatment I am much more able to manage the stress and it no longer affects my health in the same way. I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend Jonathan.



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