“I had little belief in homeopathy until I met Jonathan. I had just moved into Brighton and my 17 year old son was living with me. He was unable to attend college or get a job due to crippling social anxiety and depression that had been going on for 5 years since his father had left the family. Jonathan encouraged me to try homeopathy even though I’d had no experience of it and, frankly, was rather sceptical. The change in my son was nothing short of amazing. He was soon able to attend college and take a job. I firmly believe Jonathan’s homeopathic remedies to be the start of his recovery”. Ms LA 

This is not an uncommon situation. Many teens go through a phase of anxiety as part of their growing pains. My 30 years as a registered homeopath has shown me that Homeopathy can help reduce anxiety and bring mental and emotional balance.

Homeopathy is great for families! If you’d like to find out more FREE with NO OBLIGATION book a personal  30 minute telephone chat with me: Click here

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