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I’m Jonathan Stallick: a professional registered homeopath with over 25 years experience successfully treating clients with all kinds of health issues.

My aim is to bring you a cure in terms of your energy, physical symptoms, mental and emotional outlook., so you feel yourself again!

This journey starts with an in-depth consultation, that may take 1-2 hours initially, and will reveal and bring into focus not just your current condition but the underlying causes and dynamics. Your story, past and present, will no doubt be complex and as a homeopath my job is to make the connections that will lead to an individualised prescription and a deep solution, not just a quick fix.

I particularly enjoy helping those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, work and relationship stress, allowing you to take the next positive step in your life.

Don’t live a life half lived. With your willingness and my experience there is hope and a solution to the problems you and your family face.


PS… homeopathy is suitable for all ages. It’s a great way to set your children up for a healthy life ahead.

  • 30 years of continuous practice as a Homeopath in London and Brighton
  • Working with all age groups
  • Registered with the Society of Homeopaths
  • Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority


After twenty years of joint pain, followed by two winters of seriously impaired mobility, I consulted Jonathan, following recommendation. He managed to obliterate the pain within a few months and I no longer required painkillers to get by. Jonathan has also worked with my other ailments to provide a rebalancing of my general health. I now feel better than I have for well over two decades.



Homeopathy can help

depression • anxiety • panic attacks • stress • high blood pressure • chronic fatigue • M.E. • period problems • hot flushes • asthma • thyroid disorders • eating disorders • hay fever • autism • ADHD • IBS • ulcerative colitis • arthritis • eczema • dermatitis • allergies • injuries • ear, nose and throat issues • colds • flu • migraines • urinary infections • sciatica • insomnia • pregnancy problems • infertility • prostate problems • chemotherapy/radiotherapy side effects • HIV-related symptoms… and more

Did You Know…?

• Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years
• Homeopathic medicine is used by 450 million people globally
• 6 million people in the UK see homeopaths for treatment
• Homeopathy is the leading ‘alternative’ medicine used by medical doctors in Europe
• Homeopathy is the main system of medicine in India
• The British Royal Family are great advocates of homeopathy

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I have been in treatment by Jonathan since my daughter was born 6 months ago and we have both improved beyond my expectations.

I have always chosen homeopathy over conventional medicine but Jonathan is an outstanding practitioner, as I have never experienced one before. Having observed not only my baby improve where conventional medicine offers very little but also myself, I trust Jonathan implicitly and would rate him as one of the best practitioners in this country. He clearly keeps up to date with latest developments and is extremely thorough in his approach. I would recommend anyone with emotional or physical issues to get treated.



Over the years Jonathan has been there with life-changing remedies. When at time I was not able to see the wood from the trees Jonathan would come up often with what seemed such random remedies, but was always spot on.

Homeopathy for everyone should be the first resort in considerations, when any emotional or physical arises and Jonathan will spend the time to listen and look for the most appropriate remedy. He has vast knowledge of new and old methods and before considering any other form of support for an issue- you should give Jonathan a call.



Homeopathy Can Help

Clients have consulted with me for all kinds of health issues.  From anxiety, to hot flushes to allergies and prostate problems.


Some had a physical problem that they simply wanted ‘fixed’. Others have a chronic problem which has not responded to conventional medicine and homeopathy is a last resort.

Yet others want to use homeopathy as a tool for growth: to deal with mental or emotional blocks preventing them from reaching their potential. The beauty about homeopathy is it can work on all these levels and more.

Homeopathy is safe (and very effective) for babies, children and pregnant women. For babies and children, in particular, homeopathy can help establish the foundations of a strong immune system.

Homeopathy can work alongside your conventional medication and may enable you to reduce or withdraw from this medication with the agreement and support of your doctor.

It is powerful and effective whether your disease is serious or merely an inconvenience and patients regularly report that it positively transforms their lives.

“There have been two great revelations in my life. The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy.”

Dizzy Gillespie

“I use nothing but homeopathic remedies, for my girls as well.”

Mariel Hemingway


“The human body is often likened to a high performance machine…” So begins an article I saw today in the Daily Mail by the wonderful Bill Bryson. Bryson goes on to implore us to behold the wonder of our bodies. But it set me thinking how differently homeopaths conceive of our bodies than most conventional medics. Most graduates from medical school do think of the body like a car with an engine with more or less replaceable parts. But it goes further than that. Disease is seen as something separate from us. Something we need to fight, whether it be bacteria, viruses or cancer. Even the language use is indicative: We say “I have a flu” (the flu is separate from us);  might it be more accurate to say “I am flu-ing.”? And this leads to an aggressive concept of drugging to counter the perceived external threat with anti-biotics, anti inflammatories, anti-depressants etc. Homeopathy has a radically different idea. Firstly symptoms are not the disease. Imagine the oil light in your car comes on ( a symptom of low oil). The conventional medical parallel would be to rip out the car light or at least stop it from lighting up. But then when the engine fails everyone denies the connection. Just an unrelated incident. Homeopaths have a concept that the medics may think of as pure woo-woo! The “Vital Force”. Sounds a bit Star Wars doesn’t it. But in fact the Vital Force exists in many traditional medicine cultures (in India it’s “Ki”; in China it’s known as “Qi”) The Vital Force in homeopathy is the energy field that keeps us healthy but also...


“I had little belief in homeopathy until I met Jonathan. I had just moved into Brighton and my 17 year old son was living with me. He was unable to attend college or get a job due to crippling social anxiety and depression that had been going on for 5 years since his father had left the family. Jonathan encouraged me to try homeopathy even though I’d had no experience of it and, frankly, was rather sceptical. The change in my son was nothing short of amazing. He was soon able to attend college and take a job. I firmly believe Jonathan’s homeopathic remedies to be the start of his recovery”. Ms LA  This is not an uncommon situation. Many teens go through a phase of anxiety as part of their growing pains. My 30 years as a registered homeopath has shown me that Homeopathy can help reduce anxiety and bring mental and emotional balance. Homeopathy is great for families! If you’d like to find out more FREE with NO OBLIGATION book a personal  30 minute telephone chat with me: Click...


Today on the BBC News website I read: A new strain of group A streptococcus, which is able to produce significantly more toxin, is spreading in England and Wales, scientists say. Strep A causes a range of infections, from a sore throat to scarlet fever. The new strain’s emergence, reported in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, coincides with a rise in rare but potentially deadly invasive infections. However, it does not explain the mysterious surge in scarlet fever cases during the past five years It got me thinking about how we homeopaths go about treating Scarlet Fever and the use of Deadly Nightshade (or Belladonna) as one of the main homeopathic remedies in treating this condition. The history of poisonous Belladonna, used as a homeopathic remedy makes fascinating reading… The original proving of belladonna was conducted by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy). Dr. Hahnemann described prophylactic effects of the medicine when used in treatment for scarlet fever. Interestingly, he discovered the potential prophylactic effect during an outbreak of scarlet fever in 1799, when three children of four in a family under his care became ill. The fourth, who was usually the first to become ill, remained free from disease. Dr. Hahnemann reasoned that since the child had been taking belladonna for an affliction of the finger joints, she was in some way protected from the infection. Dr. Hahnemann continued to make frequent use of belladonna during this epidemic with great success. So great was his success that many conventional physicians adopted his treatment protocol and began singing the praises of homeopathic belladonna. Dudgeon reports on 10 allopathic physicians...
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